A Letter from Principal Hannula

I am delighted to invite you to learn more about Covenant High School. It is my privilege to work alongside a dedicated faculty with a joyful, diligent student body. Choosing a high school for your children is one of the most important decisions Christian parents make. I hope you will consider Covenant where we emphasize our commitment to “glorify and enjoy God” in every part of the school program.

Our greatest strength is our faculty. Covenant teachers not only strive to help our students master academic material; but they also assist them to strengthen their relationship with the Lord, deepen their knowledge of His Word and integrate that knowledge into their lives.

I have seen the great influence of Covenant teachers on my five children. Not only did their thinking, writing and speaking skills sharpen, but the faculty helped to expand their Christian worldview by direct instruction and through the witness of their lives.

Explore our website to investigate the mission of Covenant. Stop by for a tour or take advantage of the opportunity for prospective students to visit for a school day hosted by a CHS student.


Richard Hannula