Connally“Covenant taught us to think from a Christian worldview. We learned that whatever we do should be done with all of our hearts for the glory of God. We are now taking these precious lessons to the mission field and are passing them onto others who do not yet know Christ.”

Brendan and Erin Connally



brandler-portrait“CHS prepared me in countless ways for getting accepted to medical school. Among the most notable were honing my critical thinking and writing skills. While most pre-med students are not known for their writing prowess, an interviewer said that my personal statement was one of the most captivating, well-written ones she had ever seen. I definitely have CHS to thank for that crucial advantage in the competitive med school application process.”

Justin Brandler



oban“Now a college graduate, I look back to my time at Covenant High and am grateful for the intentional, rigorous academic preparation offered by its faculty–a preparation grounded in faithful learning and the daily spiritual growth of the student body.”

Thomas O’Ban




Branscom3“CHS has left a profound academic and spiritual legacy in my life and in the lives of my siblings. I am extremely grateful to have had a Christ-centered education fostered by a faculty that challenged me to pursue integrity in all disciplines. Now as both an artist and educator, I see more and more the rich impact of their service in my work and home.” 

Becky Branscom