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Senior Story: Peyton Gomez

Peyton Gomez walked through the doors of Covenant High School a few years after her older sister and alongside several friends from middle school. It

July 19, 2019

Senior Story: James Castle

James Castle attended Lighthouse Christian School in Gig Harbor then Covenant High School, where he says he primarily built relationships with teacher

July 12, 2019

Senior Story: Bi Tran

Bi Tran came to Covenant in 2015 as a freshman international student from Vietnam. His older sister and cousin were alums and spoke highly of the scho

July 5, 2019

Senior Story: Ben Mellott

Ben Mellott has grown up knowing about Covenant High School, having attended Faith Presbyterian Church his entire life. While that might seem like an

June 28, 2019

Senior Story: Joseph Bodenman

Like many, Joseph Bodenman started his Covenant story his freshmen year, but unlike many, he took a hiatus to try another high school. He thought he w

June 21, 2019

Senior Story: Lauren Adam

Lauren Adam’s Covenant story did not start her freshmen year like most, but her sophomore year, when her younger brother started the transition from

June 14, 2019