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Covenant High School Transitioning to Online Learning Beginning March 17, 2020

Due to the rapidly evolving events concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and the governor-mandated and statewide school closure, Covenant High School is t

March 17, 2020

Senior Story: Peyton Gomez

Peyton Gomez walked through the doors of Covenant High School a few years after her older sister and alongside several friends from middle school. It

July 19, 2019

Senior Story: James Castle

James Castle attended Lighthouse Christian School in Gig Harbor then Covenant High School, where he says he primarily built relationships with teacher

July 12, 2019

Senior Story: Bi Tran

Bi Tran came to Covenant in 2015 as a freshman international student from Vietnam. His older sister and cousin were alums and spoke highly of the scho

July 5, 2019

Senior Story: Ben Mellott

Ben Mellott has grown up knowing about Covenant High School, having attended Faith Presbyterian Church his entire life. While that might seem like an

June 28, 2019