Senior Rhetoric Thesis Speeches Today

Seniors delivered their rhetoric persuasive thesis speeches today.  The students have been working on a persuasive speech throughout the year that is presented to fellow seniors, juniors, and other guests.  They selected a contemporary issue, crafted a thesis, and sought to incorporate a full arsenal of rhetorical strategies tailored uniquely to their audience, while using their Christian faith as the foundation for their thinking.   After giving their speeches, they were required to answer questions from the audience for a ten minute period.   Here were the topics addressed today:



Ian DeGraaf, compulsory voting, “Should we Have a Choice to Make a Choice?” ”
Malachi Tamminga, U.S. involvement in foreign aid, “The Great American Generosity”
Abraham Sullivan, What shapes us as people, “Pottery and Play-Do: The Science of Influence”
Allison Moren, Ethics of Photo-shopping Models, “Distortion of Beauty”
Nathan Lawty, Christians and Political Involvement, “Helping with Hurting”
Evan Kvale, The Value of Liberal Arts Education, “When Everyone is Super”
Mackenzie Knight, How Media Affects Youth, “Game Over”
Eli Dawson, The Value of Studying a Trade, “Trades: An Exciting Alternative”
Angie Le, Ethical Considerations of A.I., “No Substitutes”
Tanner Tichy, Professional Athletes Standing for the National Anthem, “Let’s Stand Together”
Haylee Darby, How Media Negatively Affects Youth, “The Negative Effects of Technology on Youth”
Jeffrey Hallstrom, The Ethics and Consequences of GMO foods, “Mutant Foods. Mutant People.”
Allison Cole, Technology and Privacy, “Invasion of Privacy”
Kathryn Stone, Countries and Foreign Aid, “How NOT to Help”
Nathan Bodenman, The Ethics and Legalities of 3D printers, “Destructive Construction”
Leeza Woodard, The Necessity of Art in Education, “The Necessity of the “Unnecessary””
Frances Curry, Regulations of Smoking, “Don’t Let Your Life Go Out in Smoke”
Elizabeth Scott, Increasing Graduation Requirements for Fine Arts, “Fine Arts: I think so…”

May 21, 2018

Haylee Darby Wins Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Haylee Darby was awarded the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship. This award is given to senior students that demonstrate outstanding efforts at community service and student leadership. Darby serves as Covenant’s class President, hiking club leader, and volunteers with the local trails association as a youth ambassador, including presenting about her volunteer work with the trails association to fellow classmates.   She also completed the volunteer King County Explorer Search and Rescue training.  Darby commented on winning the award, “I’m excited for this opportunity and very thankful for being selected.” Covenant High School’s mission states that we prepare students for “fruitful and joyful service to God and man.”   The Covenant community is proud of her achievement and passion for volunteering as it reflects the mission of the school.

January 5, 2018

Attend Our Open House on 12/7

Covenant High School is a Christian school in Tacoma.

Attend the Covenant High School Open House on Thursday, December 7th, at 6:00 pm.

Enjoy chatting with alumni, parents, current students, and the principal.  Experience the faculty in action in their classrooms.   A light buffet will be served, and you are welcome to stay for the Christmas Concert at 7:30 pm.  Student art work will be on display. We look forward to sharing this evening with you!

Please RSVP using the quick form below or calling telephone: 253-759-9570.  We are a Christian school in Tacoma located near the intersection of South Shirley and 6th Ave.

Open House




November 29, 2017

Abraham Sullivan Named National Merit Semi-Finalist

Abraham Sullivan earned the National Merit Semi-Finalist award. There were over 1.6 million students that tested to receive this award with only 16,000 students being selected.  Angie Le also received National Merit Commended honors. This prestigious honor is only given to 34,000 students nationally.

October 13, 2017