Christian School

Founded On The Word Of God
As a christian school our academics are founded on the Word of God and a classical approach to education. We believe in the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ alone as revealed in the inerrant, inspired, and infallible Word of God. This is reflected at the core of our rigorous, college-prep curriculum and educational philosophy.

Christ-centered Community
We seek to cultivate a nurturing community where students are cared for and can flourish. Our teachers have a heart for our students. Whether they take a small group out for coffee, meet with students individually, or assist them with an assignment we want our students to be encouraged spiritually and find positive and meaningful friendships.

Equip and Encourage
At Covenant High School our focus is to equip and encourage students to serve Christ. We provide an opportunity for students to train and grow. Students are challenged to develop and exercise their natural and spiritual gifts for the glory of God.

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