Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Last Updated 6/3

In response to the coronavirus, Covenant High School has established a task force including:

  • Dr. Ryan Gross, MD and Board President
  • David Miller, Principal
  • Tammy Hayes, Office Staff
  • Wendy Tamminga, Faculty Rep
  • Jerry Saldajeno, Faculty Rep
  • Logan Hope, Communications and Advancement
  • Renee Dvorak, RN and Parent

This committee is monitoring the Coronavirus daily and is working according to the CDC guidelines for schools reopening, while also collaborating with the Tacoma – Pierce County Health Department and the Office for Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI).

In the fall, we are prepared to deliver our mission through three different modes of instruction as necessary:

  • 1) Full Remote Learning: This will be used in the event of school closures throughout Pierce County or may be temporarily used when there is a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis on-campus.
  • 2) Hybrid Learning: Hybrid learning will allow a limited amount of students on campus and will be used if the health department or other regulating bodies decide to limit how many students are allowed on-campus. When limited students are on-campus, the on-campus practices listed under on-campus learning with social distancing will be in effect. (See below)
  • 3) On-Campus Learning with Social Distancing: On-campus learning will take place with social distancing in place, additional sanitation processes, and continual education of the community on the importance of hand-washing and staying home when sick. Additionally, there will be limitations in place such as prohibiting most field trips and volunteers/guests on-campus.

As of 6/3/20, we believe we will have full on-campus learning in the fall. We also believe the most important functions for student safety during this time will be the following:

  • Social distancing (including avoiding sharing of objects)
  • Hand hygiene
  • Staying home when sick
  • Masking as needed (this will be discussed more over the summer and assessed based on the situation in the fall)
  • Sanitation and cleaning

As our task force imagines school in the fall, all of our procedures, policies, and dedication of resources will be directed to supporting and implementing the above functions, while being prepared to transition to online learning or hybrid learning as deemed necessary by local regulations and policies of government agencies.

Covenant has some unique advantages during this time to deliver our mission safely:

  • Large classrooms with ample space
  • Large additional spaces available (DeSoto Hall and the Sanctuary)
  • As a private Christian school, we have small class sizes
  • Students bring personal lunches
  • We have limited usage of our bus and can run our bus at 50% capacity for most normal activities
  • Shared facility with a church to share cleaning expenses
  • We are upgrading our computer lab to a mobile lab this summer and will provide the opportunity to sanitize machines after usage.  The current computer lab will provide an additional large classroom for use.

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