Last Updated 8/21/20

In response to the coronavirus, Covenant High School has established a task force including:

  • Dr. Ryan Gross, MD and Board President
  • David Miller, Principal
  • Tammy Hayes, Office Staff
  • Wendy Tamminga, Faculty Rep
  • Jerry Saldajeno, Faculty Rep
  • Logan Hope, Communications and Advancement
  • Renee Dvorak, RN and Parent

This committee is monitoring the Coronavirus daily and is working according to the CDC guidelines, while also collaborating with the Tacoma – Pierce County Health Department and the Office for Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI).

We are prepared to deliver our mission through three different modes of instruction as necessary:

  • 1) Full Remote Learning: This will be used in the event of school closures throughout Pierce County or may be temporarily used when there is a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis on-campus. Limited in-person tutoring will be available.
  • 2) Hybrid Learning: Hybrid learning will allow a limited amount of students on campus and will be used if the health department or other regulating bodies decide to limit how many students are allowed on-campus. When limited students are on-campus, the on-campus practices listed under on-campus learning with social distancing will be in effect. (See below)
  • 3) On-Campus Learning with Social Distancing: On-campus learning will take place with social distancing in place, additional sanitation processes, and continual education of the community on the importance of hand-washing and staying home when sick. Additionally, there will be limitations in place such as prohibiting most field trips and volunteers/guests on-campus.

As of 8/21/20, we are beginning the school year with full remote learning with some limited in-person tutoring available.

When we eventually transition to hybrid and then on-campus learning with social distancing, we believe the most important functions for student safety during this time will be the following:

  • Social distancing and masking
  • Hand hygiene
  • Staying home when sick
  • Sanitation, cleaning, and avoiding sharing of objects

You can read our Reopening Plan here.

Upon reopening, Covenant has some unique advantages during this time to deliver our mission safely:

  • Large classrooms with ample space
  • Large additional spaces available (DeSoto Hall and the Sanctuary)
  • As a private Christian school, we have small class sizes
  • Students bring personal lunches
  • We have limited usage of our bus and can run our bus at 50% capacity for most normal activities
  • Shared facility with a church to share cleaning expenses
  • We are upgrading our computer lab to a mobile lab this summer and will provide the opportunity to sanitize machines after usage.  The current computer lab will provide an additional large classroom for use.

Find up-to-date information, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to more information on COVID-19 from: