Caring Community

Providing a Nurturing Environment Where Students Flourish

Covenant High School seeks to cultivate a nurturing community where students are cared for and can flourish. This is important because what you learn is impacted by the environment you learn in. At Covenant, we are passionate about having a community where students feel positive about their belonging.

We have a variety of student life spheres that help create and enhance a tight-knit community:

  • Student Council, which creates school spirit by planning social events and nurturing joy.
  • Ambassadors, who serve as role models that embody our mission by welcoming new students in particular and creating an inclusive atmosphere.
  • Honor Society, which is determined by a GPA and focuses on service and community engagement, while inviting the entire student body to participate in acts of generosity.
  • A House System, which follows a student through their entire four years at Covenant, teaching them about community and mentorship in all grade levels.
  • Clubs, both during and after school, which help students find and pursue their unique callings.

Apart from these areas of student life, small class sizes enable our faculty to be intentional about making sure that every student is nurtured and cared for. With hearts for their students, our teachers can form real relationships by taking a small group out for coffee, meeting with students individually, or assisting them with assignments after-hours.

Covenant strives to be a safe place for students, where they will find positive and meaningful friendships, caring teachers, and a loving community that nurtures them through their high school years.

“CHS was the best community I’ve ever been part of – every day I was encouraged by friends and mentors to consider every moment a purposeful gift from God and an opportunity to glorify him.” – Brendon Keene, Class of 2003 (BA in English from Covenant College)