Christian Worldview

Instilling a Robust Biblical Worldview

Covenant High School’s educational philosophy is founded upon the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ alone as revealed in the inerrant, inspired, and infallible Word of God. We want our students to know the grace and loveliness of Christ, resulting in deeper love, devotion, gratitude, and obedience to him. Our goal is to equip students to discover and embrace a biblical view of the world and to apply that view into every area of life— in family and work, worship and culture.

We teach a scriptural view of man:

  • God created man in his own image
  • Man rebelled against God
  • God requires perfect obedience to his law
  • By faith in Christ alone our sins are forgiven and we are made new creations
  • In the gospel, we are called to and enabled by the grace of God to live grateful lives of loving obedience to Christ.

“The Christ-centered focus was a faith building experience for our children.” – A Parent of four CHS graduates.