Earning College Credit

Offering over a Year’s Worth of College Credit through Our Concurrent Credit Program

Students attending Covenant can earn up to a full year of college credit while in high school. This is a great alternative to those interested in Running Start programs, who still desire to maintain the four-year high school experience while saving time and money in their post-high school careers.

Several of Covenant’s courses are approved by Northwest Nazarene University to earn college credit through their Concurrent Credit Program:

  • US History: 6 credits
  • Advanced Speech: 3 credits
  • Drama Performance: 1 credit
  • Pre-Calculus: 6 credits
  • Spanish III: 8 credits
  • Spanish IV: 8 credits

If a student takes all the concurrent college credit courses offered, they will complete 32 semester credits for college. At most universities, students taking a full load of classes complete 30 semester credits per year.

Concurrent Credit – What is it?

The Concurrent Credit Program is a partnership between NNU and approved high schools. It offers junior and senior students the opportunity to begin earning college credit while still enrolled in high school. Unlike AP or CLEP credits which typically allow a student to skip prerequisite courses but do not always earn college credits, NNU credits are college credits granted by an accredited four-year university. Students who earn credit through the concurrent credit program will receive the same transcript record from NNU as full-time four-year college students attending NNU. Unlike students who go through the Running Start program at a community college, concurrent credit students can continue enjoying the benefits of a Christian high school education while earning college credit. Also, Running Start credits are typically accepted as college credits only by Washington State public universities and by only a few private or out-of-state colleges and universities.

The NNU transcript certifies college credit earned, but does not automatically guarantee its acceptance at any other institution. It is important for students to check with the universities that they are considering attending to discover if they accept NNU concurrent credit. However, NNU credits earned through the concurrent credit program have been widely accepted by public and private colleges across the country.

Cost for 2019-2020

The cost for earning the credits is $75 per semester credit. A 4 credit semester course would cost $300 total.

  • The average Christian college today charges more than $700 per semester credit or $2,800 per 4 credit semester course, not including book costs.
  • The average Washington State four-year public university charges approximately $275 per semester credit or $1,100 for a 4 credit semester course not including book costs.

CHS provides all the books and materials for the NNU credits.

Running Start students at community colleges must pay for books which can exceed $1,000.00 per year.