Music and the Arts

Developing God-Given Talents in the Arts

At Covenant High School we seek to glorify God by reflecting his creativity in the arts, an integral part of a Christ-honoring education and central to how God has made us. Because God has made us in his image it is a priority to train our students to appreciate the true, the good, and the beautiful in the arts.

Fine arts are prioritized in our schedule and students are given elective choices of music, art, or yearbook during their sophomore through senior year, and students can further enhance their fine arts by opting out of Spanish III and IV to take additional art. Fine arts offered for credit at Covenant High School are:

  • Foundations of Art, which introduces basic terms, techniques, concepts, artistic movements and their characteristics, and a Christian’s role and responsibilities in the art world and the world at large.
  • Introduction to Photography, where students will acquire technical camera skills while mastering the camera as an artistic tool. Projects in this course are thematically based with emphasis on faith integration, seeking to glorify God through creating images that are good, true, and beautiful.
  • Interdisciplinary Art, which introduces various art media and techniques, developing a basic appreciation for art, and seeking to glorify God through art and the efforts of the students. This course develops and encourages creativity, integrates with other academic subjects, and grows understanding of art in the professional world.
  • Jazz Band, which emphasizes positive team building through performing different styles of jazz in rehearsal and concerts, as well as learning how to create jazz solos in a very encouraging and enthusiastic classroom environment. Outside of the classroom, the jazz band performs five concerts throughout the year.
  • Advanced Art, which continues to develop an appreciation for art.
  • Senior Art Thesis, which builds on the preliminary information of the Interdisciplinary Art course and culminates in each student presenting a portfolio show of their work.
  • Introduction to Music, which introduces a survey of music history from the early Christian church and Renaissance era to the early twentieth century jazz era. Students attend live concert performances and engage in assignments designed to broaden their understanding of the nature and function of music as an art form.
  • The Covenant Choir includes freshmen along with the members of the Madrigal Choir, designed so that freshmen can learn from upper classes and perform challenging music alongside them. Performance opportunities are available for students in the Covenant Choir.
  • The Chamber Choir is a smaller, select group, comprised of members both Madrigal and Covenant choirs. Performance opportunities are available for students in the Chamber Choir.
  • The Madrigal Choir is composed of sophomores, juniors and seniors and learns a variety of repertoire, spanning from Renaissance to modern composers. Performance opportunities are available for students in the Madrigal Choir.

Outside of the classroom, the fine arts are still made accessible to students in the form of:

  • Concert and art shows at Christmas and in the spring where the choirs and jazz band perform and student artwork is on display throughout the school. These events are celebrations of our students’ hard work, and all guests are warmly invited. Events for upcoming concerts can be found here.
  • An annual drama production in the spring, which students audition and begin rehearsing for after school in the fall. All guests are invited to this annual production and upcoming dates can be found here.
  • Biennial choir and art tours where students travel to learn more about their specific fine art. In years past, art students have traveled to the local art museums and participated in sand sculpting contests on the beach, while choir students have performed at Christian schools and retirement homes along the Oregon coast.

In all these, students learn that beauty is central to how God has made them, and that an important part of a Christian education is learning to appreciate beauty and to develop their God-given talents to create beauty for the glory of God and the enjoyment of others.