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David Miller (Principal, Senior Rhetoric Thesis) earned a B.A. from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois and a Master's in Teaching from Northwest University in Kirkland with Washington State teaching credentials in English/language arts and history. He also has completed coursework towards a Master's in Theological Studies at Covenant Seminary and has presented at national conferences on classical rhetoric and fostering Socratic discussion in the classroom. Prior to coming to Covenant, he worked as a lead-teacher, coach, and administrator at a Christian school, while also completing a school mentorship program in administration and school governance.  

Principal David Miller

Mrs. Rachael Shelden (College & Career, College Advisor) earned a B.A. and Master's in Teaching in Secondary Social Studies and English from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Prior to Covenant, she worked in higher education for eight years where she taught classes on reading and composition, trained peer tutors, assisted students writing scholarship and graduate school application essays, and helped students develop the academic skills needed for college success. Mrs. Shelden is passionate about helping young adults develop the reflective skills needed to find their voice and tell their stories persuasively.

Mrs. Rachael Shelden

Mr. Pedro Moura (Science) holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s Degree of Science in Biology from State University of Sao Paulo, and he is completing a Master’s Degree of Divinity in Theological Studies from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Mr. Moura has been pursuing additional professional development through the Discovery Institute in Seattle and has taught several courses to high school and college students in chemistry and biology. He is married to his wife, Marina, and enjoys running, playing chess, and reading books about science and faith.

Mr. Pedro Moura

Mrs. Lindsay Funches (English, Etymology, Civics) has a Masters in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Davidson College. She has taught English since 2017 implementing classical content and methods into the curriculum, while emphasizing grammar instruction. Additionally, she previously created a school-wide poetry initiative. Mrs. Funches is a dedicated mother to four and alongside Mr. Funches has led the swing dance instruction at our spring swing the past three years.

Mrs. Lindsay Funches

Mrs. Wendy Tamminga (English, Student Council Advisor) earned a B.A. with an endorsement to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. She has over twelve years of teaching experience and homeschooled her four children prior to joining the Covenant faculty in 2015. “I love my job because I get to discuss great literature and the implications of God’s truth in the world and in our lives,” Mrs. Tamminga says. She has the privilege of seeing students develop and hone their writing skills throughout their four years at Covenant while getting to pursue her passion for teaching. She has a special love for Shakespeare, which was developed by directing students in plays and taking them to Ashland, Oregon to see live performances. Outside of the classroom, she loves spending time with her family, sailing, reading, drawing, playing piano, and singing.

Mrs. Wendy Tamminga

Mrs. Tess Reed (Math, Home Management) earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Mathematics from Texas A&M University and earned a Washington State teacher certificate for upper school mathematics. She has eight years of experience in full-time math teaching. Most recently she has taught online at Connections Academy and prior to that, taught in-person at Haller Middle School. She is heavily involved in children's ministry at her church. Mrs. Reed enjoys building relationships with students and families at Covenant.

Mrs. Tess Reed

Miss Eva Battle (Art, Honor Society Advisor) graduated from the University of Washington with an art major and a minor in art history and holds a Master’s in Education from Seattle Pacific University. She is an award-winning professional artist and joined the Covenant faculty as an art teacher in 2004. “I love the students and getting to teach them to use their creativity given by God to glorify Him,” Miss Battle says. “It’s a privilege to be able to work with teens, art, and in a Christian setting.”

Miss Eva Battle

Mrs. Melissa McMillan (Music, Choir) holds a Bachelor’s in Music Education from Pacific Lutheran University and a Master’s in Creative Arts Education from Lesley University. She has been involved in church music for over 25 years as both a pianist and a director, taught in the Puyallup School District for 6 years, and has taught private piano and voice, independently. She has sung in many community choirs including the Tacoma Symphony Voices and PLU’s Choral Union. She also composes and arranges for piano and voice. On top of all these things, she has four incredible boys and her hobbies include walking, baking, listening to music, and a love of the outdoors.

Mrs. Melissa McMillan

Mrs. Julie Rust (Spanish) earned a B.A. from Prairie Bible College, a certificate of Spanish fluency from the Rio Grande Institute, and a Master’s in Education from the University of Washington. She served as a full-time missionary in Colombia, South America for three years and joined the Covenant faculty in 2010. "Learning another language as useful as Spanish in today’s world is very motivating on many levels, but most importantly, I would like my students to be able to speak with and understand people from other cultures so they can share Christ with them," says Mrs. Rust.

Mrs. Julie Rust

Mrs. Natalie Hayrynen (Physical Education) holds a B.A. in Communications from Trinity Western University. She was a state cheerleader, pole vaulter, and diver in high school and continued her athletic career into adulthood through competitive CrossFit. After college, Mrs. Hayrynen became a certified yoga instructor and applied herself to learning about health and wellness. She is passionate about encouraging the next generation to take ownership of their health for their physical, mental, and spiritual betterment.

Mrs. Natalie Hayrynen

Mrs. Amy Wood (Assistant to the Principal, Yearbook, Speech) holds a B.S. in Humanities from Corban University. She manages our front desk reception, oversees attendance, RenWeb management, substitute coordinating, record keeping, and assists Principal Miller in the day-to-day operations at Covenant. She additionally teaches yearbook as well as freshman and sophomore speech. Mrs. Wood has ten years of teaching experience at Springfield Classical and Classical Conversations, while also serving as a substitute at Covenant for over two years. Students are blessed by her steady leadership. She and her husband Ryan have two children: Rylie and Anna. 

Mrs. Amy Wood

Mr. Karl Kvale (New Testament Survey, Latin) holds a B.A. from New St. Andrews College in Liberal Arts and Culture. A Covenant alum, he enjoys any opportunity to research the historical and literary background of the New Testament and get students excited about engaging those subjects in class. Outside of class, Mr. Kvale plays guitar, is an avid reader, and likes to hike, hence he willingly leads one of Covenant's most popular clubs, the Hiking Club. He also assists with Faith Presbyterian Church’s junior high youth group and their ESL ministry as an English Partner, tutoring students one-on-one.

Mr. Karl Kvale

Mr. Oskar Agustsson (Physics) earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State and is a Professionally Licensed Engineer in California, Nevada, and Washington. His fascination with electricity and utilizing math to understand the world began in his high school physics class. He loves the opportunity to teach physics and use God’s language of mathematics to explain the world around us, and inspire future engineers along the way. Outside of class he is the father of two and a full-time electrical, instrumentation, and controls engineer working as a project manager for municipal water and wastewater treatment projects.

Mr. Oskar Agustsson