The Exordium

College Advising and Academic Support

The Exordium is a designated, comfortable space for college advising and academic support. Exordium is a Latin term in Rhetoric that references the introduction of a composition. The purpose of the Exordium is to urge the audience forward to listen attentively. This space is designed to urge our students forward into their adult lives!

College and Career

The Exordium is a comfortable place for students to explore their unique calling. All juniors and seniors meet in the Exordium once a week for a designated period of college advising. Families as early as freshmen year may also book appointments with our college advisor in the Exordium to discuss the college application process, receive assistance in college research, connect with scholarship opportunities, or meet with an admissions representative from a college. Our goal is to coach families prayerfully through the entire college application process with Christ at the center of all decisionsAs we coach families, some students may decide to pursue technical schools or trade schools as well. 

Academic Support

The Exordium offers academic support to students with learning challenges or students seeking to improve their academic skills to an even higher level. Some students may have learning challenges that need additional time with a teacher or other students may need work on executive function skills as they balance heavy extra-curricular commitments with academics. Whatever the challenge, the Exordium has designated support hours with a dedicated teacher to assist students. Our Exordium teachers are prepared to collaborate with faculty on accommodation plans, offer students extra help after an extended absences from illness, or create focused time on a challenging subjectThis comfortable space provides a place for all students to succeed in a nurturing and supportive environment.