UK & France Historical Tour

About the Tour

A highlight of the Covenant High School field trip experience is the UK and France Historical Tour. Every two years, juniors and seniors explore England, Scotland, Paris, and Northwest France over the course of 15 days.

The tour is designed to inspire a deeper love for Christ, His church, and the men and women of faith who dedicated or even gave their lives for Him. Students stay in youth hostels and homestays, giving them the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with believers from the United Kingdom.

Sites of literary, historical, and cultural value are explored, connecting real-world places and events to the curriculum. Since Covenant’s first tour in 1996, students, teachers, and parent chaperones have been blessed by this experience.

The Purpose of the UK and France Historical Tour is to...

  1. Increase love for Christ and His church by meeting and worshiping with believers from other lands and by strengthening the understanding of and appreciation for heroes of church history–from Augustine of Canterbury in the 6th century to C.S. Lewis in the 20th century.
  2. Gain a higher perspective of the world and life that can help a student be less self-referential and more expansive in their thinking.
  3. Make history, literature, and the arts come alive by visiting historical sites and seeing great museum collections and plays, all of which reinforces Covenant classroom instruction.
  4. Further ignite a student’s love for further reading, learning, and travel.
  5. Enjoy the unique experience of traveling with Christian peers, teachers, and chaperones.