Announcing Hybrid 2.0

Announcing Hybrid 2.0

Covenant High School will be moving to a Hybrid 2.0 schedule on January 19, 2021. 

Throughout the fall semester, students have diligently followed mitigation strategies and stayed unified as a community while successfully implementing a Hybrid 1.0 schedule.

We anticipate conditions will improve throughout the spring and students, families, and staff have demonstrated the ability to mitigate against COVID-19, while also becoming accustomed to procedures from our reopening plan.  

The Hybrid 2.0 schedule provides each student with four full days of on-campus instruction a week. Each grade has one remote-learning day and the entire student body will be on campus on Fridays. Juniors and seniors will start school at second period (8:23 am) on Fridays to give a rolling start for health screenings. Each grade will have one remote-learning day for the following days:  

  • Monday: Juniors 
  • Tuesday: Freshmen 
  • Wednesday: Seniors 
  • Thursday: Sophomores 
  • Friday: Full school is on-campus. Juniors and Seniors begin second period (8:23 am).  

We will continue to evaluate the best time to expand to five days a week of on-campus instruction. 

For more information about Covenant High School, please contact the Admissions Office at (253) 759-9570 ext. 1 or    

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