CHS Students Take Top Honors in Gig Harbor Music Olympics

CHS Students Take Top Honors in Gig Harbor Music Olympics

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, five Covenant High School students took top honors in the Gig Harbor Music Olympics hosted at Harbor Covenant Church. The Music Olympics are designed to encourage piano students to develop well-rounded musicianship. Around 200 school-aged musicians from around the community come together to be quizzed in the nine essential music skills (performance, theory, rhythm, ear training, scales, chords, arpeggios, sight reading, speed reading). Every student then receives a graded ribbon for each room, and the top scoring students in each category receive a trophy.

The trophies were awarded to participating CHS students as follows:


Advanced Division

  • First Place: Noah Shelden
  • Second Place: Christina Sullivan

Lower Advanced Division

  • First Place: Teresa Sullivan
  • Second Place: Josiah Mellott
  • Third Place: Julia Fisher

Pictured left to right: Noah Shelden, Teresa Sullivan, Julia Fisher, Christina Sullivan, Josiah Mellott


Click here for more information on the Gig Harbor Music Olympics.

Congratulations to these talented musicians as they actively serve God in their communities and cultivate their love for artistic beauty!

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