Senior Story: Bi Tran

Senior Story: Bi Tran

Bi Tran came to Covenant in 2015 as a freshman international student from Vietnam. His older sister and cousin were alums and spoke highly of the school and Bi now says, “I can confirm that it is true.” Not only did Bi enjoy the classes at Covenant, but the faculty who were always willing to help. “People here are super friendly,” Bi adds. “We know each other’s names, unlike at public schools. We have a tight relationship and friendship and know each other’s stories.”

Originally, Bi desired to become a businessman, focusing on math classes and opportunities, but that changed once he took health class and started learning anatomy. He said he found not only his favorite class but his strength. “Then I took advanced biology and BAM! I knew I wanted to be a doctor,” he said.

“CHS has overprepared me,” said Bi in regard to pursuing his medical degree. While researching colleges Bi visited Pacific Lutheran University, where he plans to attend next fall, and shadowed a biology class. Sitting amongst college students and listening to the professor, he realized he knew the material already, and was able to raise his hand, answer questions, and engage with the rest of the class. Afterwards, the professor pulled him aside, impressed, asking him how he knew the material so well.

Academics are not the only impact CHS made on Bi. In reflection, Bi says when he walked through Covenant’s doors freshmen year, he knew nothing about God, did not care to study, focused on video games, and did not participate in school activities. Today, Bi says he knows so much more about God and Bible verses, is a leader of the Chess Club, a Student Ambassador, dedicated to learning, no longer plays video games, and, to put it simply, has “grown up”. Bible class and weekly Chapels have strengthened Bi’s faith. The tight-knit community has made him intentional with his friendships; he enjoys being able to greet every student by name and make them feel known.

Outside of CHS, Bi volunteers at Allenmore Multicare (pictured), which he started the summer of his junior year. “I love it,” Bi said. He loves learning about people. He also helps around his neighborhood, assisting his neighbor with house and lawn responsibilities.

Today, Bi is a U.S. citizen and he looks forward to attending PLU in the fall and majoring in biology. After that, he plans to attend UW Medicine School and become a doctor in internal medicine.

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