Senior Story: Cale Adam

Senior Story: Cale Adam

Cale Adam is from a military family, living in several different states before he entered high school. Transitioning from a homeschool routine was exciting, Cale said. He looked forward to a structured environment and found his peers at Covenant to be friendly.

As he reflects, Cale is grateful for the friends he’s made and what they have done together: creating together in art class, playing football outside of school, or having Bible studies at friends’ houses. He has enjoyed the memories made at popular, annual student life events such as the overnight field trip, Harvest Party, and International Dinner. He has benefited from engaging, interactive classes led by teachers who became mentors.

Looking back at his freshman year, Cale says he had some pride and “thought he knew what was going on,” he laughed.

“I’m still not perfect,” he says now. He remembers freshman English class, reading classic literature with themes in pride, and not seeing the connection to his character and faith at the time. Today, he sees the connection between this growth and the community at Covenant.

“Just all the people there and the supportive friends and teachers played a big role in that,” Cale said. Kind Bible faculty and encouraging classes have helped shaped his faith in the past four years; morning devotionals and prayer before each class period, specifically.

“Throughout the day, you’re not thinking about God as much as you should at certain times, so I thought that was really nice and helpful,” said Cale.

At Covenant, Cale has served as an Ambassador, hosting prospective students for shadow days and intentionally fostering an inclusive, tight-knit environment for current students. He strives to embody Proverbs 18:24 (New King James Version) which says, “A man who has friends must himself be friendly…” To him, this means reaching out to others, being kind, looking for the betterment of his classmates, and how he can help them.

As a senior, Cale serves as the Honor Society President, meaning he not only maintains a certain grade point average, but keeps community outreach a priority, and leads his peers to do the same. Until COVID-19 altered their plans, he intended on joining Lake City Community Church’s mission trip to Mexico, just as he had done the year before.

Outside of Covenant, Cale has also participated in cross country for a club and played football and wrestled for Steilacoom. He enjoys video games, staying in shape, and drawing.

Next year, Cale is attending Pierce College to receive his associate degree.

“I’ve always had a desire to make, or create, things,” said Cale. For that reason, he would like to pursue computer science.

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