Senior Story: Destyne Daheim

Senior Story: Destyne Daheim

Destyne Daheim was attending public school when she went on a mission trip to Uganda. When she returned, she realized she wanted to be in a school where she was surrounded by like-minded kids her age, who had the same values and were serious about growing in their faith, she said. “Somewhere I could grow,” she said.

After Destyne’s cousin introduced her to Covenant, she visited and could see how important it was that Christ was involved in a student’s week. For example, she appreciated that every week ended with Chapel in a beautiful Sanctuary. Destyne said that going to public school and private school was a night and day difference, not due to size or curriculum, but the environment.

“…I think as high schoolers we need some stability and firmness, especially in our faith…” said Destyne. “I found that to be heavily presented at Covenant which is something I really liked as well.”

Though she said it was nerve-wracking to transfer into a new school as a junior, the Girls Discipleship Group became her staple, she said. The Girls Discipleship Group is one of several after-school clubs that Covenant offers.

“[The Girls Discipleship Group was] somewhere I could go and connect with these girls and talk about Christ,” said Destyne. She felt support, knowing that she had faith-driven girls to turn to, pray with, and help her look at things how Christ would.

A successful student-athlete, Destyne swims for Washington High School. She has made varsity for all four years, won the Coach’s Award and MVP Award multiple times, and made it to districts the past two years in both individual and team relay events. She holds four records for Washington High School.

“I’m a very driven person,” she said. “If I feel passionate about something, then I work hard to either achieve it or to speak out about it.” It is this passion that has led her to become an accomplished student-athlete but also pursue her faith. “If everything was stripped away, I think you would see the Lord,” Destyne said. “The blessings and the joy I have now is all because of Him.”

Outside of school and swimming for WHS, Destyne enjoys being a swim instructor for the Lakewood YMCA, working with kids ages 4-13. This experience along with Covenant’s English class has inspired her to become a teacher one day.

“I felt that in [English] I was getting an all-around education as far as…not just curriculum but how to grow with Christ,” Destyne said. Destyne says she has learned a lot from Mrs. Tamminga’s English class – about different authors, types of writing, how to apply English concepts to her faith – but the main thing has been passion. Next year, Destyne plans to attend the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and pursue a bachelor’s in education so she can teach middle school English.

Although her Covenant journey has been a couple of years shorter than most, Destyne has grown academically and spiritually in what she considers a mature, welcoming, friendly community.

“If you’re looking to be both academically challenged but also encouraged and supported, [Covenant] is the perfect school,” Destyne said. “The staff is supportive, pushes you to be the best you can be, and always directs you towards Christ.”

“For me, if I was still at public school my junior year, I would be down a different path right now,” said Destyne. “I was driven to find a better education for myself and I didn’t stop until I found Covenant.”

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