Senior Story: Lauren Adam

Senior Story: Lauren Adam

Lauren Adam’s Covenant story did not start her freshmen year like most, but her sophomore year, when her younger brother started the transition from homeschool to Covenant High School. Nervous and hesitant, she wanted to stick to her homeschool routine, but the more she connected with CHS peers and faculty, the more comfortable she became.

From the beginning, Miss Battle, Fine Arts faculty, played a role in Lauren’s experience. “I really enjoy being in her class and company,” she said. By the time art students are seniors, Miss Battle leaves the medium of their work up for them to decide, focusing on what they love most. Lauren has thrived on that artistic freedom.

Other beneficial classes have been Advanced Biology and English. “Since I’d like to go into nursing, [Advanced Biology has] given me a good intro into what I’m going to be studying more,” she said. In English, “Mrs. Tamminga always finds a way to connect the books she’s chosen for us back to Christ and how to relate them in our lives, which I really like,” Lauren said.

Until senior year, Miss Battle and Mrs. Tamminga have remained as supportive mentors who Lauren can always talk to. “They love to help us succeed,” she said.

When asked to compare freshmen-Lauren with senior-Lauren, she said, “I would definitely say I’m a lot more confident.” This confidence influences not just her work, but even the way she connects with others. Over the past four years, Lauren said she has learned the importance of pursuing her friendships. One of her favorite verses is Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” While she says this wasn’t as central of a theme to her as a homeschool student, her time at CHS has helped her realize her desire to invest in her friendships and grow stronger in them. “Which I have,” she declared. Wisely, she exposed the fact that just because Covenant is a Christian school, does not mean that students don’t face struggle. “We forget that we still have sin and pain and that we need to pursue one another,” said Lauren. “We need to show Jesus’ love.”

Outside of CHS, Lauren loves hiking, artwork, embroidery, and spending time with friends. She also stresses the importance of mentors and the role they’ve played in her high school career. “It’s important that we all have someone outside of school to have someone help us in our faith and walk,” she said.

Upon graduating from Covenant High School, Lauren plans to attend Northwest University in Kirkland and pursue a career in nursing.

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