Senior Story: Quinn Sukhia

Senior Story: Quinn Sukhia

Although Quinn Sukhia is the oldest of four, he was not the first in his family to attend Covenant. Since Covenant was founded in 1992, it has graduated nearly 600 students. Quinn’s mother, Noel, was one of the first.

Quinn attended Lighthouse Christian School for his elementary years, homeschooled, then finished eighth grade at Springfield Classical Elementary. Like most of his classmates and friends at the time, he attended Covenant High School.

“If I had one thing to say to freshman me it would be to be confident in who you are,” said Quinn. As a senior, Quinn is the Director of Communications for both Covenant’s Student Council and Honor Society. He is part of a tight-knit class who has “been a band of brothers since the beginning.” He reflects on his freshman year, how he met new people, expanded his horizons, and learned from a variety of teachers and techniques. Mr. Hannula was a faculty member that immediately impacted Quinn.

“He’s amazing,” said Quinn, though intimidating at first. Quinn remembers being so nervous for his first history exam that he accidentally turned in his test in the wrong slot, twice. He still remembers Mr. Hannula shaking his head but joking about it during the next class period.

Quinn also recalls his first speech classes, a four-year requirement at Covenant. Though potentially daunting for a freshman, “I learned how to speak well and [speech class has] been a great help to me and I’ve learned how to have fun with it and enjoy it,” Quinn said. Being a classical, college preparatory high school, Covenant’s curriculum is intentionally designed to equip a student for their life after graduation.

“You can rely on the classes,” said Quinn. “You can know that this class is going to get you somewhere…Senior year you think, ‘I know this is gonna benefit me…this is gonna help me in college.’”

After graduation, Quinn plans to become a pilot via LeTourneau University, but he also developed a passion for graphic design thanks to Miss Battle, her artwork, and “and just how she’s encouraged me along,” Quinn said. At Covenant, students are encouraged to pursue their unique calling and learn more about themselves in order to make wise decisions surrounding post-graduation plans.

“You learn where to put effort in, what to work towards, what’s more important for you,” said Quinn. “You learn your strengths and your weaknesses.” Quinn learned he was gifted in art and was taught to push onward to increase his skill.

He also recognizes how Covenant has shaped his faith. “In every class, I’ve noticed that [teachers] try to…implement faith inside,” said Quinn. He also reflects on how history class, though academically challenging, has strengthened his faith. “You have to see how God shaped our world and how it all runs together like a big puzzle,” Quinn said. “[Covenant has] definitely changed my faith.”

When asked how Quinn would describe Covenant, he said, “I would talk about the friendship you get and the ties to teachers and the personal growth you feel between people. The Bible says iron sharpens iron just as friends sharpen friends and you grow – you definitely grow – at Covenant and that’s one thing I like about it,” said Quinn. “I’m a better person than I was because I went to Covenant.”

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