Performing Fine Arts Offerings

In all fine art courses, students learn that beauty is central to how God has made them, and that an important part of a Christian education is learning to appreciate beauty and to develop their God-given talents to create beauty for the glory of God and the enjoyment of others.

Introduction to Music

This music appreciation course introduces a survey of music history from the early Christian church and Renaissance era to the early twentieth century jazz era, along with representative composers and music terminology. This course presents historical music styles in their cultural context. Students attend live concert performances and engage in lecture discussions, listening assignments, small group assignments and solo presentations designed to broaden their understanding of the nature and function of music as an art form.

Covenant Choir

Covenant High School choral programs are open to any interested student, regardless of previous musical experience. The Covenant choir meets once a week and is designed so that freshmen can learn from the upper classes and perform challenging music alongside them. They perform at the Christmas and spring concerts, Commencement, and chapel services at other K-8 Christian schools. 

Chamber Choir

This choir is a smaller, select group and meets twice a week. The Chamber Choir performs at the Christmas and spring concerts along with the Covenant and Madrigal choirs.

Madrigal Choir

The Madrigal Choir meets three times a week and is composed of sophomores, juniors and seniors who learn a variety of repertoire, spanning from Renaissance to modern composers. They perform in the Christmas and spring concerts as well as a variety of other venues, competitions, and school events.

A students’ artistic education is enhanced with yearly choir shows, biennial choir tours, and other performance opportunities and field trips.

Developing God-Given Talents in the Arts

Chamber Choir students sing “gather at the River” arranged by Susan Labarr. Videography credit goes to to Jonathan Gross, Covenant alumni.