Visual Fine Arts Offerings

In all fine art courses, students learn that beauty is central to how God has made them, and that an important part of a Christian education is learning to appreciate beauty and to develop their God-given talents to create beauty for the glory of God and the enjoyment of others.

Foundations of Art

This course introduces basic terms, techniques, concepts, artistic movements and their characteristics, and a Christian’s role and responsibilities in the art world and the world at large. From the Medieval art of the 5th Century A.D. to the Surrealists of the 1930’s, this course is an introductory survey of many of the most significant art movements in history. One major theme of the course is an examination of stylistic change that mirrored the circumstances of life, priorities, and mindset at particular times. This course also encompasses the introduction of art terms, the color wheel, techniques of perspective, and the elements of a good composition.

Introduction to Photography

The word photography has Greek origins, meaning painting with light. In this course, students use light as their paintbrush to capture well-composed and creative images through the lens of a digital single lens reflex camera. To achieve this, students will acquire technical camera skills, paying attention to aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, and manual focusing. While mastering the camera as an artistic tool, students will receive a foundation in composition, using the work of acclaimed photographers as their guide and inspiration. Projects in the course will be thematically based with emphasis on faith integration, seeking to glorify God through creating images that are good, true, and beautiful.

Interdisciplinary Art

This course introduces various art media and techniques, develops a basic appreciation for art, seeks to glorify God through art and the efforts of the students, develops and encourages creativity, integrates with other academic subjects, and grows understanding of art in the professional world. Variety is encouraged in this class. Art media includes but is not limited to acrylic paint, watercolor, clay, glass, papier-mâché, pen and ink, scratchboards, printmaking ink, pencil, and mixed media.  Students have the opportunity to work individually, in partnerships, and in groups and are exposed to art from various time periods and cultures.

Advanced Art

This course takes what students have learned from Interdisciplinary Art and develops more sophisticated artistic skills. A deeper appreciation for art is instilled as students are encouraged to be creative through a variety of artistic mediums.

Senior Art Thesis

This course builds on the preliminary information of the Interdisciplinary Art course and culminates in each senior art student presenting a portfolio show of their work. Often what is covered depends on the students in the class – their levels of experience and areas of interest. 


In Yearbook, students learn basic graphic layout and design, while learning the Jostens editing software. Basic skills in photography are utilized, as students work in teams to prepare various layouts. Effective caption writing is also emphasized. The yearbook is presented to the student body at the end of the year in May.

Interface Design and Technology

This course introduces students to the basics of digital interface design and development. Through the
discussion and analysis of relevant and new technologies such as social networks, applications, mobile, and
gaming we strive to show that every aspect of our lives should bring glory to God. Students will learn the skills
necessary to be producers, and not just consumers in an increasingly digital world. Every year the “core”
technology will evolve along with current industry trends. Each student will end the year having created at least
one major interactive digital application.

Functional Interface Development

This course takes what students have learned from Interface Design and Technology and develops more sophisticated programming skills. Students will be challenged in interface functionality and usability through development of web applications. This course will allow students to explore more in-depth parts of technology that are interesting to them, structuring their projects around them.

Advanced Independent Studies

Advanced independent studies can be facilitated for students in art or computer programming.

A students’ artistic education is enhanced with biannual art shows, biennial art tours, and other field trips.

Developing God-Given Talents in the Arts

At Covenant High School we seek to glorify God by reflecting His creativity in the arts, an integral part of a Christ-honoring education and central to how God has made us. Because God has made us in His image it is important to train our students to appreciate the true, the good, and the beautiful in the arts. By prioritizing the fine arts in our schedule, all students are taught to appreciate and love artistic beauty.