Two Covenant High School Seniors Receive Full-Ride Scholarship to Covenant College

Two Covenant High School Seniors Receive Full-Ride Scholarship to Covenant College

Two Covenant High School seniors, Mary Boyde Funches and Josiah Mellott, receive a full-ride scholarship to Covenant College.

The Maclellan Scholarship Program is a full-tuition scholarship to Covenant College, a Christian liberal arts college in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Maclellan Scholars are chosen for both their academic achievement and their leadership ability. Once enrolled at Covenant College, Maclellan Scholars form a cohort that pursues excellence in a variety of leadership areas: taking classes together to grow as young leaders, participating in internships, pursuing intercultural study, and studying abroad. Students must be invited to apply for this competitive program; finalists participate in a weekend of interviews and activities to gauge their skills and abilities to cooperate with others, serve people, and provide leadership. More information on the Maclellan Scholarship Program can be found here.

This year, Covenant High School is proud to claim two future Maclellan Scholars in the class of 2021: Mary Boyde Funches and Josiah Mellott.

Maclellan Scholar, Josiah Mellott
While at CHS, Josiah has been a committed student council member, culminating in a position as the student body president. He has served as captain for the varsity cross country team, started his own landscaping business with his brother, and honed his skills as an artist. Josiah plans to pursue a four-year degree in business.
Mary Boyde is active in student council, holding multiple leadership positions over the years. She has helped to foster school unity as the student life director for Covenant Ambassadors, volunteered as a tutor, and won multiple awards in speech—despite claiming she used to be terrified of public speaking! Mary Boyde plans to pursue work as a speech therapist.
Maclellan Scholar, Mary Boyde Funches

When asked about how their education at CHS has helped to develop their leadership skills, the students had this to say:

“One concept my CHS education taught me is that to be a godly leader you must be a servant as well. The fact that CHS integrates the study of God into all academic disciplines has prepared me to learn more about God, and how to worship Him, in all aspects of life. This has given me a solid foundation as I step into college.”

– Mary Boyde Funches

“I have always appreciated the presence of the Lord everywhere at CHS. Whether it is the weekly chapels, prayer at the start of class, or worldview discussions, I have always felt Christ’s love and care for me as I moved through high school. This careful attention to God has prepared me to glorify God in all that I do, in both college and my career after that.”

– Josiah Mellott

Congratulations to Josiah and Mary Boyde on this exciting achievement—we’re so proud of you both!

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